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16425 Collins Ave, Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160

Sale price range$1.3k - 3m
Rent price range$2.7k - 12k
Bedrooms0, 1, 2, 3, 4
Built in1990
Units in building809

Oceania apartments for sale and rent

AptBed/BathLiving Area$ per ft2 (m2)PriceListed onROI?
9 Oceania Three0/0150 ft2 (46 m2)$707 ($2,318)$106,000Jun 06, 19-9
PC-2 Oceania Two0/1170 ft2 (52 m2)$706 ($2,316)$120,000Sep 02, 18-19
C310 Oceania Five1/1379 ft2 (116 m2)$792 ($2,597)$300,000Nov 14, 18-5
332 Oceania Three1/21260 ft2 (384 m2)$306 ($1,002)$385,000Oct 04, 18646
552 Oceania Five2/21604 ft2 (489 m2)$336 ($1,102)$539,000Jun 27, 194.522
2332 Oceania Three0/01260 ft2 (384 m2)$452 ($1,484)$570,000Nov 08, 18-25
815 Oceania One2/21460 ft2 (445 m2)$408 ($1,337)$595,000Mar 14, 194.133
1244 Oceania Four2/21760 ft2 (536 m2)$344 ($1,128)$605,000Dec 19, 184.269
1544 Oceania Four2/21760 ft2 (536 m2)$349 ($1,146)$615,000May 01, 194.624
1825 Oceania Two2/21460 ft2 (445 m2)$432 ($1,417)$630,600Oct 26, 184.236
2035 Oceania Three2/21460 ft2 (445 m2)$437 ($1,433)$637,500Mar 25, 194.854
2752 Oceania Five2/21832 ft2 (558 m2)$354 ($1,162)$649,000May 30, 193.517
438 Oceania Three2/21760 ft2 (536 m2)$369 ($1,212)$650,000Jun 14, 194.416
1743 Oceania Four3/21760 ft2 (536 m2)$380 ($1,247)$669,000Aug 01, 19534
1752 Oceania Five2/21604 ft2 (489 m2)$423 ($1,389)$679,000Aug 04, 193.416
1545 Oceania Four2/21530 ft2 (466 m2)$451 ($1,480)$690,000Aug 17, 163.826
1414 Oceania One2/21760 ft2 (536 m2)$397 ($1,303)$699,000Jan 17, 193.119
356 Oceania Five3/32340 ft2 (713 m2)$299 ($981)$699,900Oct 25, 184.832
1652 Oceania Five2/21604 ft2 (489 m2)$436 ($1,432)$700,000Jul 20, 193.323
1138 Oceania Three2/21760 ft2 (536 m2)$406 ($1,333)$715,000Aug 02, 183.637
753 Oceania Five2/21786 ft2 (544 m2)$400 ($1,313)$715,000Sep 05, 182.862
2438 Oceania Three2/21760 ft2 (536 m2)$414 ($1,357)$728,000Mar 01, 194.129
1515 Oceania One2/21460 ft2 (445 m2)$510 ($1,674)$745,000Apr 16, 193.134
1912 Oceania One2/21520 ft2 (463 m2)$493 ($1,617)$749,000Mar 04, 19332
1034 Oceania Three2/21760 ft2 (536 m2)$426 ($1,396)$749,000Jun 04, 193.719
2534 Oceania Three2/21760 ft2 (536 m2)$429 ($1,407)$755,000Feb 01, 19437
2524 Oceania Two2/21760 ft2 (536 m2)$443 ($1,452)$779,000Apr 17, 193.126
2354 Oceania Five2/21786 ft2 (544 m2)$442 ($1,449)$789,000Mar 17, 192.623
254 Oceania Five2/22100 ft2 (640 m2)$380 ($1,248)$799,000Nov 03, 182.545
851 Oceania Five2/32144 ft2 (653 m2)$382 ($1,253)$819,000Jun 05, 19224
2535 Oceania Three2/21460 ft2 (445 m2)$565 ($1,854)$825,000Feb 19, 194.229
2645 Oceania Four2/21990 ft2 (607 m2)$427 ($1,401)$850,000Jul 30, 192.712
2712 Oceania One2/21520 ft2 (463 m2)$585 ($1,919)$889,000Mar 30, 173.231
841 Oceania Four3/32340 ft2 (713 m2)$405 ($1,329)$948,000May 13, 19324
2238 Oceania Three2/21760 ft2 (536 m2)$554 ($1,818)$975,000Feb 12, 192.59
1141 Oceania Four4/32340 ft2 (713 m2)$418 ($1,373)$979,000Jul 31, 192.741
816 Oceania One2/22020 ft2 (616 m2)$520 ($1,705)$1,050,000Apr 13, 191.539
1056 Oceania Five3/32340 ft2 (713 m2)$470 ($1,541)$1,099,000Dec 21, 183.218
1641 Oceania Four3/32340 ft2 (713 m2)$470 ($1,541)$1,099,000Feb 20, 192.412
2436 Oceania Three3/22020 ft2 (616 m2)$545 ($1,787)$1,100,000Sep 14, 181.813
938 Oceania Three2/21760 ft2 (536 m2)$625 ($2,051)$1,100,000Jun 18, 192.522
2016 Oceania One2/22020 ft2 (616 m2)$592 ($1,941)$1,195,000Mar 16, 191.722
2736 Oceania Three2/22020 ft2 (616 m2)$594 ($1,947)$1,199,000Jun 19, 191.717
2636 Oceania Three2/22500 ft2 (762 m2)$520 ($1,705)$1,299,000May 30, 191.551
936 Oceania Three3/22020 ft2 (616 m2)$644 ($2,111)$1,299,900Jul 02, 19313
WS4C Oceania Three3/32240 ft2 (683 m2)$580 ($1,904)$1,300,000Apr 02, 192.419
2536 Oceania Three3/32020 ft2 (616 m2)$668 ($2,191)$1,349,000Jan 28, 192.916
221 Oceania Two3/32970 ft2 (905 m2)$468 ($1,535)$1,390,000Mar 20, 192.323
PH16A Oceania One3/22020 ft2 (616 m2)$691 ($2,266)$1,395,000Jan 07, 193.822
TH-4 Oceania Four4/33780 ft2 (1,152 m2)$396 ($1,298)$1,495,000Feb 15, 180.634
TH-4 Oceania Four4/33870 ft2 (1,180 m2)$386 ($1,267)$1,495,000Feb 03, 191.233
1111 Oceania One3/32020 ft2 (616 m2)$742 ($2,435)$1,499,000May 21, 185.745
OS11A Oceania One3/33100 ft2 (945 m2)$484 ($1,588)$1,500,000Apr 05, 193.130
TH-8 Oceania Five3/43206 ft2 (977 m2)$498 ($1,632)$1,595,000Nov 14, 181.535
1411 Oceania One2/22020 ft2 (616 m2)$832 ($2,729)$1,680,000Jun 21, 19151
TH-10 Oceania Five4/43774 ft2 (1,150 m2)$476 ($1,560)$1,795,000Jun 13, 19-26
PH42 Oceania Four3/32760 ft2 (841 m2)$652 ($2,138)$1,799,000Oct 04, 18111
5A Oceania One3/32240 ft2 (683 m2)$1,004 ($3,295)$2,250,000Dec 04, 182.318
PH-3051 Oceania Five4/47386 ft2 (2,251 m2)$406 ($1,333)$2,999,999Sep 26, 18-88

Oceania condo residences in Sunny Isles Beach

Oceania is a grand-scale condominium community comprised of five residential high-rises: twenty-nine-story oceanfront triplet-towers (Oceania I, Oceania II, Oceania III) and twin-towers with 29 floors (Oceania IV and Oceania V) located just across the road from sister buildings on a gated island.

The first phase of construction was finished in 1990 resulting in the completion of Oceania I, Oceania II, Oceania III. Each building accommodates 165 condos with one-to-five-bedroom floor plans boasting deep private balconies, spacious walk-in closets, high and smooth ceilings, gourmet kitchens with top-of-the-line appliances and luxurious finishings, and many other features. The towers have identical design and offer the same amenities including three high-speed glass-fronted elevators, a waterfront sundeck with a heated swimming pool and cabanas, a hot tub and a pool for children, porte-cochere with valet parking, a modern fitness center, and a spa.

Oceania IV and Oceania V were completed 6 years after the first phase, in 1996. The buildings are nestled in lushly landscaped grounds of a gated island. Each tower holds 158 residences with one-to-four-bedroom floor plans. Regarding the residence features, each condo can boast high-end fixtures, modern appliances by KitchenAid, imported Italian cabinetry by Snaidero, floor-to-ceiling tinted windows and large balconies with glass railings overlooking breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal. Oceania IV and Oceania V share common amenities and offer a waterfront promenade for walks, a waterfront sundeck with a heated pool and a jacuzzi, porte-cochere with valet parking, private marina with boat slips, multi-level covered parking, a tennis court, round-the-clock security, and many other facilities.

As of the nearby features, Oceania is located in proximity to numerous private beaches, fine dining and golf courses. Upscale boutiques and restaurants of Bal Harbour are within short driving distance, while both international airports are a 30-minute drive away.

Oceania amenities and building features

Oceania I-III
Three high-speed glass front elevators
Waterfront sundeck with heated swimming pool
Hot tub & children's pool
Poolside cabanas
Multi-level covered parking
Individual storage lockers
Porte cochere with valet parking
24-hour attended lobby and surveillance
Mail and package service
Bicycle storage
Tremendous lobby finished with marble
Entertainment center
Card room
Steam rooms and saunas
Whirlpools and hot tubs
Massage and body treatments
Full-service beauty salon
Facial and skincare treatments
State-of-the-art fitness center
Racquetball and squash courts
Indoor basketball court
Aerobics studios with ocean views
Men's and Women's locker rooms and showers
Amenities which include towels, robes and toiletries
Personal fitness training
Oceanfront dining room
Oceanfront bar and lounge
Oceanfront banquet and meeting room
Beachfront snack bar
Chaise lounges
Beach towel and mat service
Beachside showers and footbath Oceania IV and Oceania V:
Waterfront promenade for walks
Waterfront sundeck with heated pool and jacuzzi
Porte-cochere with valet parking
Private marina with boat slips
Bicycle storage
Mail service
Multi-level covered parking
Beautiful landscape of outdoors
Tremendous lobby
High-speed elevators
Oceanfront and poolside cabanas
Island club with indoor swimming pool and casual dining
Tennis court
Card room
Entertainment center
Round-the-clock security and controlled entry
Waterfront deck for relaxation

Oceania residence features

Oceania I-III
Expansive terraces
Spacious walk-in closets
Recently renovated living areas
Atmosphere privacy
Breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal
High ceilings
Granite countertops Oceania IV and Oceania V:
High-end fixtures
Energy-efficient air conditioning and heating
Floor-to-ceiling tinted windows
Full-size side-by-side washer and dryer
Imported Italian cabinetry by Snaidero
Marble floors
Advanced fire and sprinkler protection
Closet doors with mirrors in master bedrooms
Spacious his and her walk-in closets
Separate dining area for formal entertaining
Panoramic Ocean and Intracoastal views
Large balconies with glass railings
Modern appliances by KitchenAid
Whirlpool bathtub in master bathroom

Oceania Sunny Isles Beach Reviews

Oceania ★★★☆☆ 3
2 reviews
5 0

5 5 1
Stylish, very bright, a pristine beach nearby and very peaceful atmosphere.

1 5 1
This is the worst place to live. They have no structure, service and security are really bad and its very expensive.
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