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Beach Club Towers

1850 S Ocean Drive, Hallandale Beach, FL 33009
1830 S Ocean Drive, Hallandale Beach, FL 33009
1800 S Ocean Drive, Hallandale Beach, FL 33009

Sale price range$385k - 2.1m
Rent price range$2.5k - 8.5k
Bedrooms1, 2, 3, 4
Built in2007
Units in building1258

Beach Club Towers apartments for sale and rent

AptBed/BathLiving Area$ per ft2 (m2)PriceListed onROI?
1009 Beach Club III2/11086 ft2 (331 m2)$355 ($1,163)$385,000Oct 24, 187.310
3607 Beach Club II1/1871 ft2 (265 m2)$454 ($1,488)$395,000Jul 12, 194.835
2105 Beach Club II1/1811 ft2 (247 m2)$492 ($1,614)$399,000Jun 06, 194.818
1807 Beach Club II1/1871 ft2 (265 m2)$459 ($1,507)$400,000Apr 12, 195.335
1812 Beach Club II1/1844 ft2 (257 m2)$496 ($1,629)$419,000Apr 05, 195.227
3307 Beach Club II1/1871 ft2 (265 m2)$488 ($1,601)$425,000Aug 11, 194.97
1506 Beach Club I2/11086 ft2 (331 m2)$393 ($1,290)$427,000Jul 01, 194.548
1412 Beach Club II1/1844 ft2 (257 m2)$509 ($1,672)$430,000Oct 30, 17535
2409 Beach Club I2/11086 ft2 (331 m2)$396 ($1,299)$430,000Aug 13, 194.627
1405 Beach Club II1/1811 ft2 (247 m2)$536 ($1,760)$435,000May 25, 19520
3406 Beach Club I2/11086 ft2 (331 m2)$404 ($1,326)$439,000Jul 03, 19-21
4909 Beach Club II1/1844 ft2 (257 m2)$521 ($1,708)$439,500Apr 08, 194.830
1406 Beach Club III2/11086 ft2 (331 m2)$405 ($1,329)$440,000Dec 31, 177.331
5012 Beach Club II1/1844 ft2 (257 m2)$557 ($1,827)$470,000Aug 05, 194.522
3312 Beach Club II1/1844 ft2 (257 m2)$563 ($1,846)$475,000Jul 31, 194.515
4912 Beach Club II1/1844 ft2 (257 m2)$590 ($1,936)$498,000Oct 13, 15418
610 Beach Club I2/21782 ft2 (543 m2)$303 ($994)$540,000Oct 24, 181.533
508 Beach Club III3/31571 ft2 (479 m2)$382 ($1,253)$599,900Nov 01, 185.830
2708 Beach Club I3/31571 ft2 (479 m2)$414 ($1,357)$650,000Jan 02, 173.624
3707 Beach Club III3/31571 ft2 (479 m2)$418 ($1,372)$657,000Jun 20, 195.916
3610 Beach Club II1/21337 ft2 (408 m2)$501 ($1,644)$670,000Aug 24, 171.924
3910 Beach Club III2/21782 ft2 (543 m2)$407 ($1,335)$725,000Jun 21, 162.817
4411 Beach Club II3/21554 ft2 (474 m2)$467 ($1,531)$725,000Apr 29, 196.114
1705 Beach Club III2/21782 ft2 (543 m2)$420 ($1,379)$749,000Mar 14, 192.246
1010 Beach Club I2/21782 ft2 (543 m2)$420 ($1,379)$749,000Apr 29, 191.619
4510 Beach Club II2/21337 ft2 (408 m2)$560 ($1,838)$749,000Jun 21, 194.325
1508 Beach Club II2/21458 ft2 (444 m2)$528 ($1,733)$770,000Jan 10, 193.833
1506 Beach Club II2/22024 ft2 (617 m2)$380 ($1,248)$770,000Feb 26, 193.131
1608 Beach Club II2/21458 ft2 (444 m2)$528 ($1,733)$770,000Mar 24, 192.916
2406 Beach Club II2/22024 ft2 (617 m2)$390 ($1,281)$790,000Feb 11, 192.825
4010 Beach Club II2/21535 ft2 (468 m2)$520 ($1,706)$798,000Sep 13, 174.135
905 Beach Club III2/21782 ft2 (543 m2)$448 ($1,471)$799,000Mar 03, 172.717
3311 Beach Club II2/21818 ft2 (554 m2)$440 ($1,444)$800,000Aug 02, 192.531
1702 Beach Club III3/31841 ft2 (561 m2)$439 ($1,442)$809,000May 06, 194.417
2403 Beach Club III3/3--$815,000Jun 08, 18426
2003 Beach Club III3/31841 ft2 (561 m2)$445 ($1,461)$820,000Jan 10, 194.130
2706 Beach Club II2/21458 ft2 (444 m2)$569 ($1,867)$829,900Jul 13, 162.810
5108 Beach Club II2/21458 ft2 (444 m2)$573 ($1,879)$835,000Sep 12, 182.743
3105 Beach Club III2/2--$840,000Jul 11, 192.524
1502 Beach Club III3/32062 ft2 (628 m2)$417 ($1,367)$859,000Mar 10, 17426
3903 Beach Club II3/32022 ft2 (616 m2)$425 ($1,395)$859,900Apr 14, 193.928
2410 Beach Club III2/21782 ft2 (543 m2)$488 ($1,602)$870,000Aug 16, 182.440
UPH-4310 Beach Club I2/21782 ft2 (543 m2)$491 ($1,611)$875,000Oct 09, 180.74
4503 Beach Club II3/32022 ft2 (616 m2)$438 ($1,436)$885,000Feb 04, 194.638
3203 Beach Club II3/32022 ft2 (616 m2)$440 ($1,444)$890,000Jul 26, 194.538
4203 Beach Club II3/31733 ft2 (528 m2)$519 ($1,702)$899,000Sep 04, 174.724
2703 Beach Club I3/31841 ft2 (561 m2)$488 ($1,602)$899,000Oct 25, 171.925
3007 Beach Club I3/31571 ft2 (479 m2)$576 ($1,890)$905,000Oct 08, 182.769
4003 Beach Club III3/32100 ft2 (640 m2)$436 ($1,430)$915,000Sep 04, 183.620
3503 Beach Club II2/31733 ft2 (528 m2)$528 ($1,732)$915,000Apr 28, 192.730
2702 Beach Club I3/31841 ft2 (561 m2)$500 ($1,640)$920,000Feb 01, 171.819
1904 Beach Club II3/31675 ft2 (511 m2)$553 ($1,816)$927,000Jun 20, 193.732
1604 Beach Club II3/31675 ft2 (511 m2)$555 ($1,820)$929,000Oct 16, 183.78
2803 Beach Club III3/31841 ft2 (561 m2)$515 ($1,691)$949,000May 21, 183.615
4603 Beach Club II3/31733 ft2 (528 m2)$571 ($1,874)$990,000Jan 11, 163.425
4903 Beach Club II2/31733 ft2 (528 m2)$571 ($1,874)$990,000Jan 10, 191.833
3204 Beach Club II3/31969 ft2 (600 m2)$507 ($1,665)$999,000Aug 25, 173.635
2704 Beach Club II3/31675 ft2 (511 m2)$596 ($1,957)$999,000Oct 20, 183.79
1205 Beach Club I2/21782 ft2 (543 m2)$561 ($1,841)$999,999Oct 05, 180.634
3403 Beach Club III4/32121 ft2 (646 m2)$494 ($1,621)$1,048,000May 09, 18-47
2804 Beach Club I3/32078 ft2 (633 m2)$590 ($1,934)$1,225,000Feb 26, 160.938
3301 Beach Club I3/32078 ft2 (633 m2)$625 ($2,051)$1,299,000Nov 20, 141.423
3002 Beach Club II2/32065 ft2 (629 m2)$658 ($2,159)$1,359,000Nov 27, 180.635
PH02 Beach Club III3/42570 ft2 (783 m2)$681 ($2,233)$1,748,900Sep 13, 171.227
PH4404 Beach Club III3/45008 ft2 (1,526 m2)$359 ($1,179)$1,800,000Sep 28, 181.157
5103 Beach Club II3/42566 ft2 (782 m2)$818 ($2,685)$2,100,000Apr 30, 191.626

Beach Club Towers condo residences in Hallandale Beach

Beach Club, Hallandale, is a grand condominium complex comprised of three skyscrapers – Beach Club I, Beach Club II, and Beach Club III. Beach Club 1, Hallandale, accommodates 389 luxurious residences on only 44 floors, while Beach Club, Hallandale, tower 2 is slightly taller and boasts 480 units on 51 stories. Beach Club 3, Hallandale, features 44 floors and 389 apartments. It is located on a beautiful beach and provides direct access to the Atlantic Ocean. Being a joint venture of the world-renowned developer the Related Group and the award-winning Sieger Suarez Architects firm, the Beach Club complex combines the best of residential community features to make living there the experience of a lifetime. The first two towers were built in 2006, while Beach Club III was completed in 2007.

Beach Club, Hallandale, offers exquisite condos for sale and rent. The complex arranges only 10 units per floor, thus ensuring comfort and privacy. Units in tower 1 and tower 3 could be rented for a minimum of 180 days, while the minimum for tower 2 is just 30 days. Water, cable TV, and internet are included in the maintenance. There is an array of Beach Club, Hallandale, for sale and rent options to choose from for both large families, couples, and people looking for a residence that will be all to themselves. The community offers multiple floor plans with one-, two-, three-, four-, five- and six-bedroom configurations ranging in size from 811 to 5,020 sq. ft. All condos have energy-efficient floor-to-ceiling windows and extensive private balconies, have luxurious finishes, high-end appliances, oversized living room areas, stylish imported European-style cabinetry, and many other features. Prospective residents that will select condominiums at Beach Club, Hallandale, for rent or sale will be surprised by a rare balance between the price and the quality of both the interior designs and services that are provided by this community.
The Beach Club Hallandale complex holds numerous amenities, including a tremendous two-story lobby with WI-FI access, beautiful sundecks with oversized heated pools and hot tubs overlooking the ocean in all three towers, a well-appointed community room, as well as full-time security, concierge and valet parking services, and many other features.

Beach Club 1

Beach Club tower 1 is set parallel to the ocean and provides the best access to the most striking views. Its lavish residences range from 1 to 2 bedrooms in size and provide stunning Intracoastal Waterway and city skyline views for 1-bedroom units, while 2-bedroom units residents get to enjoy the unobstructed views of the shimmering turquoise waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Beach Club 2

Beach Club, Hallandale, Tower 2 is located perpendicular to the ocean and the beach and it also has more stories than the Beach Club, Hallandale, tower 3 and 1. This way, all the units provide beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway. This building features oversized studios in addition to other units that can be found in the other two towers. Beach Club 2, Hallandale, is also home to the state-of-the-art two-story 40,000-square-foot fitness center that is, however, easily accessible from the other two towers.

Beach Club 3

Just like the Beach Club Hallandale Tower 1, Beach Club Tower 3 was built parallel to the ocean, which allows its residents to pick between units that either face the city and the Intracoastal Waterway or units that face the ocean in all of its glory.

All the offers at Beach Club for sale and rent are conveniently located within easy access to not only such key landmarks as department stores, pharmacies, and restaurants but also to a number of attractions for evenings, weekends, and days off. Fort Lauderdale and South Beach are the closest and biggest destinations of the area and are both located within a short driving distance from the Beach Club community in Hallandale Beach. Fort Lauderdale is the county seat of Broward County and is a remarkable historic landmark that is split in the middle by a scenic canal that is filled with private boats, yachts, and water taxis, while its banks are dotted with fine restaurants and exclusive shops. Las Olas Boulevard is a famous art and entertainment mecca that is ideal for a stroll in genuine architectural surroundings or eclectic selection of dining and shopping South Beach is a popular area that is brimming with activity. There will be no lack of choice between all the entertainment options it provides, from chic shopping, fancy dining, a walk down the historic path at the famous Art Deco district to the vibrant nightlife.
Residents can find Walmart Center, the South City Beach Park, the Diplomat Mall Shopping Center, lots of restaurants, and convenience stores within walking distance. Other popular destinations within a 5-minute driving range include Gulfstream Park Racing & Casino with a multitude of dining, shopping, and gambling options, and the famous Bal Harbor Shops, one of the biggest shopping malls in the area.

Beach Club Towers amenities and building features

  • Round-the-clock security service
  • Round-the-clock front desk
  • Multi-level covered parking
  • Valet parking
  • Two-story lobby
  • State-of-the-art fitness center
  • Lounge
  • Library
  • Two swimming pools
  • Two hot tubs
  • Mail receiving desk

Beach Club Towers residence features

  • Oversized terraces
  • Energy efficient tinted floor-to-ceiling windows
  • Washer
  • Dryer
  • A/C system
  • Top-of-the-line fire prevention
  • High-speed Internet connection
  • Marble flooring in wet areas
  • European-style cabinetry
  • Built-in Kitchen Aid appliances

Beach Club Towers Condos Location

  • Beach Club I - 1850 S Ocean Drive, Hallandale Beach, FL 33009
  • Beach Club II - 1830 S Ocean Drive, Hallandale Beach, FL 33009
  • Beach Club III - 1800 S Ocean Drive, Hallandale Beach, FL 33009

Beach Club Towers Hallandale Beach Reviews

condo 4.7
6 reviews
1 5
5 1 5
The amenities here are great, one of the best places to live!
5 1 5
I would definitely recommend this place as it has a very nice spa, clean pools, private beachfront, large territory. Every year, It just keeps getting better and better. I love the gym with a stunning view of the ocean. Its always a pleasure to be here :)
5 1 5
Spacious residences with gorgeous views.
5 1 5
A spacious gym is almost always empty which is unexpected but a great benefit for most of the tenants. It has large windows with excellent oceanview all over the place. It’s a brilliant place to work out. I recommend.
5 1 5
This condo is just outstanding. I used to live here for more than a year. The only bad thing to mention is high fees that extend $1500 per month! But its luxurious and has a wonderful location on the beach, so expected!
3 1 5
Two of the three pools are closed. There is a renovation going on in building three, and the ocean is full of seaweed.
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