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The Hemispheres

1950 S Ocean Drive, Hallandale Beach, FL 33009

Sale price range$185k - 825k
Rent price range$1.4k - 4.5k
Bedrooms0, 1, 2, 3
Built in1971
Units in building1296

The Hemispheres apartments for sale and rent

AptBed/BathLiving Area$ per ft2 (m2)PriceListed onROI?
2 The Hemispheres Four1/1870 ft2 (265 m2)$213 ($698)$185,000May 25, 196.728
MzP The Hemispheres Two1/1798 ft2 (243 m2)$251 ($822)$199,999May 26, 195.786
16B The Hemispheres Two1/1798 ft2 (243 m2)$251 ($822)$200,000Nov 21, 185.68
10L The Hemispheres Four1/1870 ft2 (265 m2)$241 ($792)$210,000Mar 11, 195.732
16D The Hemispheres Two1/1798 ft2 (243 m2)$263 ($863)$210,016Apr 25, 195.384
11M The Hemispheres Four1/1870 ft2 (265 m2)$261 ($856)$227,000Jul 25, 195.432
5J The Hemispheres Four2/21500 ft2 (457 m2)$153 ($501)$229,000Jun 12, 195.234
20C The Hemispheres Four1/1870 ft2 (265 m2)$268 ($878)$232,900Mar 13, 195.234
4B The Hemispheres Four1/11000 ft2 (305 m2)$249 ($817)$249,000Jan 03, 194.955
22B The Hemispheres Four1/1870 ft2 (265 m2)$293 ($962)$255,000Nov 05, 185.229
12N The Hemispheres Three1/1870 ft2 (265 m2)$298 ($977)$259,000May 04, 194.748
18N The Hemispheres Three1/1870 ft2 (265 m2)$299 ($980)$259,900May 10, 194.416
MZH The Hemispheres Three2/21350 ft2 (411 m2)$199 ($654)$269,000Jul 31, 185.739
4B The Hemispheres Three1/21000 ft2 (305 m2)$275 ($902)$274,900Jan 03, 194.555
2F The Hemispheres Two2/21275 ft2 (389 m2)$216 ($708)$275,000Apr 12, 1820.47
22D The Hemispheres Four1/1870 ft2 (265 m2)$316 ($1,037)$275,000May 05, 195.428
9A The Hemispheres Three1/1870 ft2 (265 m2)$328 ($1,075)$285,000Aug 10, 194.210
17C The Hemispheres One1/11000 ft2 (305 m2)$290 ($951)$290,000May 23, 185.540
14A The Hemispheres One1/1870 ft2 (265 m2)$344 ($1,128)$299,000May 18, 196.130
12D The Hemispheres One1/1--$299,000Aug 06, 195.31
5C The Hemispheres One1/1870 ft2 (265 m2)$345 ($1,131)$299,900Apr 06, 195.535
2C The Hemispheres Three1/1870 ft2 (265 m2)$345 ($1,131)$300,000Jun 28, 184.28
4P The Hemispheres Four2/21380 ft2 (421 m2)$221 ($725)$305,000Jul 18, 193.526
17K The Hemispheres Four1/1870 ft2 (265 m2)$356 ($1,169)$310,000Jun 18, 193.89
5H The Hemispheres Three2/21240 ft2 (378 m2)$266 ($873)$330,000May 05, 184.916
MF The Hemispheres Three2/21340 ft2 (408 m2)$275 ($903)$369,000Jul 25, 194.247
MH The Hemispheres One2/21490 ft2 (454 m2)$248 ($815)$370,000Feb 16, 18538
10K The Hemispheres Two2/21171 ft2 (357 m2)$332 ($1,090)$389,000Nov 19, 1814.255
11P The Hemispheres Three2/21380 ft2 (421 m2)$282 ($925)$389,000Mar 11, 193.739
4F The Hemispheres One2/21340 ft2 (408 m2)$295 ($968)$395,500Mar 28, 193.423
21G The Hemispheres Four2/21240 ft2 (378 m2)$321 ($1,053)$398,000May 27, 193.615
M The Hemispheres Three3/21740 ft2 (530 m2)$247 ($809)$429,000Jan 28, 193.529
8F The Hemispheres One2/21500 ft2 (457 m2)$313 ($1,027)$469,500Jul 30, 193.357
18F The Hemispheres One2/21340 ft2 (408 m2)$358 ($1,175)$479,900Jul 02, 19423
14G The Hemispheres One2/21240 ft2 (378 m2)$402 ($1,320)$499,000May 18, 19331
8H The Hemispheres One2/21240 ft2 (378 m2)$403 ($1,322)$499,500Apr 27, 19330
9N The Hemispheres One1/1870 ft2 (265 m2)$632 ($2,074)$550,000May 21, 192.833
12E The Hemispheres Three3/21780 ft2 (543 m2)$393 ($1,288)$699,000Apr 26, 19224
17Q The Hemispheres One3/21740 ft2 (530 m2)$474 ($1,556)$825,000Dec 17, 182.217

The Hemispheres condo residences in Hallandale Beach

The Hemisphere is an early-70s residential complex comprised of four towers, two among which are located on the Intracoastal side and the rest are situated on the beach. The community occupies 17 acres of land offering both commercial and residential space. It has two restaurants, a convenience store, a beauty salon, and dry cleaning to offer.

Regarding the residences themselves, two 23-story towers and two 19-story towers in total accommodate 1,296 units. The condos are offered with one-, two- and three-bedroom floor plans ranging in size from 798 to 1,780 sq.ft. Most of the condos have been recently renovated in accordance with contemporary interior design standards.

The Hemisphere boasts an impressive list of onsite amenities, which include a heated swimming pool with beautiful water views, a poolside cafe, tennis courts, private marina access with a boat dock, landscaped outdoor area with a lounge, as well as two gyms, a steam room, a sauna, a clubhouse, direct access to the beautiful beach, basketball and bocce courts, table tennis, and many other facilities.

The Hemisphere condos are situated steps away from numerous shops and restaurants, while famous shopping and entertainment centers, as well as fine dining of the Sunny Isles, Hollywood, and Fort Lauderdale are within driving distance.

The Hemispheres amenities and building features

Fitness center
Health spa
Sauna and steam room
Pool café
Tennis court
Valet parking
On-site beauty salon
Convenience store

The Hemispheres Hallandale Beach Reviews

The Hemispheres ★★★★☆ 4
2 reviews
5 0

5 5 1
Oceanfront condo. Building is a bit outdated but very well maintained.

3 5 1
Valet parking needs to be more polite with guest.
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