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Coconut Grove Real Estate

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Coconut Grove overview

112 Condos
for sale
$375k - 20m
1 Waterview Condos
for sale
40 Condos
for rent
$1.9k - 35k
0 Waterview Condos
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28 Homes
for sale
$540k - 4.6m
16 Homes
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$1.6k - 16k

About Coconut Grove FL

Coconut Grove, sometimes simply referred to as ‘The Grove,’ is considered to be one of the greenest areas by its proud locals. It is the oldest continuously inhabited area in Miami and is set in the luxurious South End. The Grove is a perfect reflection of Miami’s grandiose and bohemian side. Set on the lavish Biscayne Bay shore and richly endowed with exquisite tropical plants, it used to be a much-desired destination for sailors and settlers long before Miami was even there. Later it became a refuge for crooks and conmen and an inspiration to a plethora of writers and intellectuals.

Today Coconut Grove still has its adventurous charm and a unique atmosphere. Here you can find cozy marinas and special fishing spots, beach boardwalks immaculately lined with palm trees, generously green parks, historic spots reflecting the rich past of one of the oldest settlements in Florida, and fluorescent bars and clubs – The Grove has something for everyone.

Coconut Grove main attractions

  • The Kampong is an 8-acre tropical garden with rich cascading foliage. It is a part of Miami’s National Tropical Botanical Garden.
  • The Barnacle Historic State Park is a popular destination in Miami due to both its historic past and festive present. The Barnacle is the oldest house in its original location in Miami-Dade County and hosts annual concerts and other live events.
  • Peacock Park is one of the prettiest parks in the area. It is also a popular outdoor sports destination with open bay views and free weekly hour-long yoga classes. It is also home to a wonderful marina.
  • CocoWalk is a pleasant pedestrian-friendly area, which is a perfect place for a shopping spree, a lunch or a date.

What locals say about Coconut Grove

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Just listed in Coconut Grove

3439 Percival Ave photo01
3439 Percival Ave, Miami FL 33133
3 bd 2 ba 1413 ft2
built in
3521 Frow Ave photo01
3521 Frow Ave, Miami FL 33133
4 bd 2 ba 1323 ft2
built in
3360 Frow Ave photo01
3360 Frow Ave, Miami FL 33133
3 bd 1 ba 936 ft2
built in
2924 Jefferson St photo01
2924 Jefferson St, Coconut Grove FL 33133
4 bd 3 ba 2351 ft2
built in
2831 S Bayshore Dr #2108 photo01
2831 S Bayshore Dr #2108, Miami FL 33133
2 bd 2 ba 1107 ft2
built in
2843 S Bayshore Dr #P1-D photo01
2843 S Bayshore Dr #P1-D, Miami FL 33133
4 bd 3 ba 2920 ft2
built in
2627 S Bayshore Dr #2405 photo01
2627 S Bayshore Dr #2405, Miami FL 33133
2 bd 2 ba 1756 ft2
built in
2467 S Bayshore photo01
2467 S Bayshore, Miami FL 33133
3 bd 4 ba
built in
3400 SW 27th Ave #1506 photo01
3400 SW 27th Ave #1506, Miami FL 33133
2 bd 2 ba 1540 ft2
built in
2821 S Bayshore Dr #10A photo01
2821 S Bayshore Dr #10A, Coconut Grove FL 33133
4 bd 4 ba 3233 ft2
built in

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