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    Miami real estate for sale and rent

    Name Type Sale price range Avg sale price per SF Rent price range Avg rent price per SF'
    1000 Venetian Way logo

    1000 Venetian Way

    3 listings for sale
    Condos$749.9k - $4m$939.3-$0
    4 Midtown logo

    4 Midtown

    17 listings for sale
    Condos$295k - $1.9m$381.6-$0
    5252 Paseo logo

    5252 Paseo

    21 listings for sale
    2 listings for rent
    Condos$294.9k - $575k$418.7$2,200 - $2,300$2.7

    Ademar Park

    Allapattah logo


    13 listings for sale
    1 listings for rent
    Homes$230k - $850k$324$2,400$3.5

    Bay Crest


    Bay Heights

    6 listings for sale
    1 listings for rent
    Homes$1.2m - $4.9m$577.2$9,990$2.7
    Bay Point logo

    Bay Point

    6 listings for sale
    4 listings for rent
    Homes$4.3m - $11.9m$1.6k$20,000 - $40,000$5.7

    Bay Vista Park

    6 listings for sale
    1 listings for rent
    Homes$420k - $679.9k$300.2$3,000$1.4




    1 listings for sale
    Belle Meade logo

    Belle Meade

    7 listings for sale
    2 listings for rent
    Homes$699k - $19.5m$1.2k$8,000 - $60,000$9
    Bent Tree logo

    Bent Tree

    2 listings for sale
    Homes$392k - $525k$357.6-$0

    Bird Road Farmsites

    2 listings for sale
    Homes$1.5m - $1.5m$424.4-$0

    Bisc Gardens

    12 listings for sale
    1 listings for rent
    Homes$335k - $1.4m$366.6$5,800$3.1

    Biscayne Shores

    3 listings for sale
    1 listings for rent
    Homes$445k - $1.3m$430.8$3,800$1.8


    1 listings for rent

    Brickell Estates

    3 listings for sale
    2 listings for rent
    Homes$725k - $1.8m$427.7$3,500 - $3,800$2.2
    Bridgepoint logo


    Calusa logo



    Central Miami

    7 listings for sale
    2 listings for rent
    Homes$440k - $2.7m$359.8$2,400 - $3,900$2.1
    Century Gardens logo

    Century Gardens

    Colonnade At Dadeland logo

    Colonnade At Dadeland

    6 listings for sale
    2 listings for rent
    Condos$365k - $610k$180.1$2,500 - $3,700$0.7

    Columbia Park

    1 listings for sale
    1 listings for rent

    Coral Park Estates

    4 listings for sale
    Homes$525k - $1.2m$347.5-$0

    Coral Villas

    3 listings for sale
    Homes$485k - $615k$303.9-$0

    Coral Way Village

    4 listings for sale
    Homes$475k - $589k$259.6-$0
    Cricket Club logo

    Cricket Club

    14 listings for sale
    Condos$280k - $499k$195.5-$0
    Downtown Dadeland logo

    Downtown Dadeland

    3 listings for sale
    5 listings for rent
    Condos$175k - $395k$121.5$2,150 - $3,600$1.1

    East Shenandoah

    1 listings for rent

    Egret Lakes Estates

    2 listings for sale
    1 listings for rent
    Homes$580k - $590k$228.4$7,800$2.6
    Enchanted Lake logo

    Enchanted Lake

    1 listings for sale
    2 listings for rent
    Homes$643k$385.7$13,900 - $16,500$5.3

    Estelle Lawrence Homes


    Federal Way

    4 listings for sale
    1 listings for rent
    Homes$499.9k - $895k$435$2,600$2


    4 listings for sale
    Homes$449k - $547k$312.9-$0

    Four Lakes

    Galloway Glen logo

    Galloway Glen

    4 listings for sale
    Homes$1.1m - $1.9m$293.1-$0
    Garden Estates logo

    Garden Estates

    Garden Hills West logo

    Garden Hills West


    Greyknoll Estates

    1 listings for sale
    Hammocks logo


    11 listings for sale
    1 listings for rent
    Homes$365k - $649k$251.7$2,300$1.6

    Heftler Homes

    1 listings for sale

    High Pines


    Highland Lakes

    7 listings for sale
    3 listings for rent
    Homes$979k - $1.6m$471.3$3,300 - $5,000$2

    Highland Manor


    Highland Woods

    2 listings for sale
    Homes$799k - $1.6m$140.2-$0
    Hyde Midtown logo

    Hyde Midtown

    67 listings for sale
    7 listings for rent
    Condos$319.9k - $1.3m$586$2,600 - $5,300$3.9
    IOS on the Bay logo

    IOS on the Bay

    3 listings for sale
    1 listings for rent
    Condos$399k - $578k$459.4$2,000$2.8

    J G Heads Farms

    12 listings for sale
    Homes$540k - $2m$304.9-$0

    Kendall Commons

    1 listings for sale

    Kessler Grove

    1 listings for sale
    Lake Pointe logo

    Lake Pointe

    1 listings for sale
    1 listings for rent
    Lakes Of The Meadow logo

    Lakes Of The Meadow

    1 listings for sale
    Las Ramblas logo

    Las Ramblas

    4 listings for sale
    Homes$380k - $599k$290.9-$0

    Little River Farms


    Melrose Heights

    4 listings for sale
    Homes$329k - $800k$431.8-$0
    Midblock logo


    18 listings for sale
    2 listings for rent
    Condos$320k - $740k$329.8$2,100 - $2,500$3.1

    Milton Venture

    2 listings for sale
    Homes$582k - $599.9k$222.8-$0
    Morningside logo


    6 listings for sale
    3 listings for rent
    Homes$525k - $2.4m$515.3$6,000 - $15,500$4.4

    Oak Ridge Falls

    2 listings for sale
    Homes$1.5m - $1.7m$451.7-$0
    One Bay Residences logo

    One Bay Residences

    1 listings for sale
    Palm Bay Tower logo

    Palm Bay Tower

    3 listings for sale
    Condos$570k - $1.3m$372.7-$0

    Palm Miami

    Parc Lofts logo

    Parc Lofts

    4 listings for sale
    2 listings for rent
    Condos$480k - $3.9m$287.6$3,000 - $18,000$3.7

    Park Plaza

    1 listings for sale
    1 listings for rent

    Pine Shore

    Presidential Estates logo

    Presidential Estates

    6 listings for sale
    Homes$1.3m - $3m$470.8-$0
    Residences At Riverwalk logo

    Residences At Riverwalk

    2 listings for sale
    Condos$897k - $2.3m$438.4-$0
    River Parc Estates logo

    River Parc Estates

    San Marco logo

    San Marco



    5 listings for sale
    Homes$485k - $4.3m$783.4-$0

    Shoma Homes

    1 listings for rent
    Shore Crest logo

    Shore Crest

    9 listings for sale
    3 listings for rent
    Homes$625k - $6.6m$856$10,000 - $25,000$5.1

    Silver Bluff

    7 listings for sale
    2 listings for rent
    Homes$425k - $2.2m$360.2$3,000 - $19,000$1.2
    Snapper Creek logo

    Snapper Creek

    2 listings for sale

    Southern Estates


    Southern Ests

    2 listings for sale
    1 listings for rent
    Homes$390k - $499k$325.6$3,000$1.6

    Sunny Grove

    1 listings for rent
    The Bank Lofts logo

    The Bank Lofts

    4 listings for sale
    Condos$295k - $3m$186.9-$0
    The Charter Club logo

    The Charter Club

    7 listings for sale
    2 listings for rent
    Condos$310k - $449.5k$342.7$2,200 - $3,200$2.4

    Twin Lake

    3 listings for sale
    Homes$449k - $795k$297.2-$0
    Two Midtown logo

    Two Midtown

    10 listings for sale
    3 listings for rent
    Condos$45 - $1.4m$377.1$1,800 - $6,000$3.4


    Veridian Grove logo

    Veridian Grove


    Washington Place

    2 listings for sale
    Homes$849k - $1.6m$574.3-$0

    Winona Park

    Winston Park logo

    Winston Park

    3 listings for sale
    Homes$515k - $595k$320-$0

    Miami overview

    178 Condos
    for Sale
    $175k - 4m
    0 waterview condos
    for Sale
    26 Condos
    for Rent
    $1.8k - 18k
    0 waterview condos
    for Rent
    187 Homes
    for Sale
    $230k - 19.5m
    39 Homes
    for Rent
    $2.3k - 60k

    About MiamiFL

    Miami is the main city in South Florida and its economic, cultural and financial center. Set between the tropical natural park of the Everglades and the beautiful azure blue Biscayne Bay, it is a dynamic mix of the busy white-collar lifestyle and oceanfront well-paced living amidst a tropical paradise. It is the sixth most densely-populated city in the United States, with the majority of its residents being well-educated and maintaining an average household income of $64,338.

    The city is divided into two neighborhoods. One of them, South End, is filled with top-of-the-line options for family living, with a bohemian and lavish atmosphere and a wide range of residence options at Coconut Grove and Coral Gables with its exclusive gated communities and luxurious housing. The North End is made up of three popular residential areas: the elegant Bal Harbor, the upscale Golden Beach, and the laid-back Surfside. The North End is the city’s quieter part with two large parks and a close proximity to causeways leading to the barrier islands, divided from the mainland by the Biscayne Bay and the Intracoastal Waterway. There has recently been an increasing interest in the fast-growing northern neighborhoods, such as Sunny Isles, with its prime oceanfront high-rises, and Bay Harbor Islands, which offers everything needed for bountiful island life.

    Miami main attractions

    • The Arch Creek Park is an 8-acre located in the northern area of the city and offers various opportunities for outdoor activities and nature study. It features a Butterfly Garden, a museum and a nature center, as well as a number of natural trails for peaceful strolls.
    • Miami Design District features a range of low-rise warehouses that have been converted into retail spaces, art galleries, restaurants and cafés. It’s a very pedestrian-friendly area with premium brand stores, creative spaces, and sophisticated annual contemporary art events.
    • The Museum of Contemporary Art, also known as MOCA is located in the North End of Miami and features year-round traveling and constant exhibitions, as well as an array of special events.

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    Just listed in Miami

    Bent Tree - 4211 SW 138th Pl, Miami, FL 33175
    4211 SW 138th Pl, Miami FL 33175
    2 bd 2 ba 1,152 sqft
    built in
    Snapper Creek - 11325 SW 58th Ter, Miami, FL 33173
    11325 SW 58th Ter, Miami FL 33173
    4 bd 2 ba 1,573 sqft
    built in
    Lakes Of The Meadow - 14739 SW 42nd Way, Miami, FL 33185
    14739 SW 42nd Way, Miami FL 33185
    4 bd 3 ba 2,574 sqft
    built in
    The Bank Lofts #R-617 - 8101 Biscayne Blvd #R-617, Miami, FL 33138
    8101 Biscayne Blvd #R-617, Miami FL 33138
    0 bd 1 ba 1,069 sqft
    built in
    Shore Crest - 1211 NE 86th St, Miami, FL 33138
    1211 NE 86th St, Miami FL 33138
    3 bd 3 ba 1,923 sqft
    built in
    Colonnade At Dadeland SE Condo #707 - 8390 SW 72nd Ave #707, Miami, FL 33143
    8390 SW 72nd Ave #707, Miami FL 33143
    3 bd 2 ba 1,925 sqft
    built in
    Winston Park - 7821 SW 129th Ave, Miami, FL 33183
    7821 SW 129th Ave, Miami FL 33183
    3 bd 2 ba 2,052 sqft
    built in
    Coral Park Estates - 1420 SW 99th Ave, Miami, FL 33174
    1420 SW 99th Ave, Miami FL 33174
    4 bd 3 ba 2,026 sqft
    built in
    Hammocks - 11255 SW 160th Ct, Miami, FL 33196
    11255 SW 160th Ct, Miami FL 33196
    4 bd 2 ba 2,052 sqft
    built in
    Hyde Midtown #2111 - 121 NE 34th St #2111, Miami, FL 33137
    121 NE 34th St #2111, Miami FL 33137
    1 bd 1 ba 612 sqft
    built in
    Shore Crest - 945 NE 78th St, Miami, FL 33138
    945 NE 78th St, Miami FL 33138
    3 bd 2 ba 1,670 sqft
    built in
    Central Miami - 6446 SW 39th Ter, Miami, FL 33155
    6446 SW 39th Ter, Miami FL 33155
    2 bd 2 ba 1,194 sqft
    built in
    Hyde Midtown #2912 - 121 NE 34th St #2912, Miami, FL 33137
    121 NE 34th St #2912, Miami FL 33137
    1 bd 1 ba 737 sqft
    built in
    Kendall Commons - 16731 SW 96th St, Miami, FL 33196
    16731 SW 96th St, Miami FL 33196
    5 bd 4 ba 2,312 sqft
    built in
    The Charter Club #506 - 600 NE 36th St #506, Miami, FL 33137
    600 NE 36th St #506, Miami FL 33137
    1 bd 2 ba 990 sqft
    built in
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