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The Tides

3801 S Ocean Drive, Hollywood, FL 33019
3901 S Ocean Drive, Hollywood, FL 33019

Sale price range$275k - 689.5k
Rent price range$1.7k - 5k
Bedrooms1, 2
Built in2006
Units in building722

The Tides apartments for sale and rent

AptBed/BathLiving Area$ per ft2 (m2)PriceListed onROI?
2S Tides, North Tower1/1789 ft2 (240 m2)$349 ($1,144)$275,000Jan 08, 195.416
3U Tides, North Tower1/1812 ft2 (247 m2)$342 ($1,123)$278,000Apr 10, 195.422
11Q Tides, North Tower1/1812 ft2 (247 m2)$351 ($1,152)$285,000Jun 21, 195.118
3Q Tides, South Tower1/1812 ft2 (247 m2)$367 ($1,204)$298,000Aug 15, 166.515
12S Tides, South Tower1/1789 ft2 (240 m2)$380 ($1,247)$299,999Jul 08, 195.316
2M Tides, North Tower1/1874 ft2 (266 m2)$364 ($1,194)$318,000Sep 20, 164.322
1H Tides, South Tower1/1874 ft2 (266 m2)$372 ($1,220)$325,000Jan 31, 194.917
2U Tides, North Tower1/1812 ft2 (247 m2)$405 ($1,329)$329,000Sep 09, 164.720
3R Tides, North Tower1/1812 ft2 (247 m2)$406 ($1,333)$330,000Jun 06, 194.340
6Y Tides, South Tower1/1874 ft2 (266 m2)$388 ($1,273)$339,000Feb 11, 184.119
3C Tides, South Tower1/1874 ft2 (266 m2)$389 ($1,276)$340,000Jan 15, 194.614
2R Tides, North Tower1/1812 ft2 (247 m2)$430 ($1,410)$349,000Sep 20, 184.326
7K Tides, South Tower1/1874 ft2 (266 m2)$399 ($1,310)$349,000May 28, 193.817
C9S Tides, South Tower1/1789 ft2 (240 m2)$443 ($1,455)$349,900Apr 25, 184.615
4H Tides, North Tower1/1874 ft2 (266 m2)$406 ($1,332)$354,900Oct 06, 183.924
8H Tides, North Tower1/1874 ft2 (266 m2)$406 ($1,332)$354,900Oct 06, 183.926
14K Tides, North Tower1/1874 ft2 (266 m2)$406 ($1,332)$354,900Feb 05, 193.820
14A Tides, North Tower1/1874 ft2 (266 m2)$409 ($1,343)$357,900Apr 02, 183.819
7L Tides, North Tower1/11070 ft2 (326 m2)$335 ($1,098)$358,000May 02, 193.123
7J Tides, North Tower1/1874 ft2 (266 m2)$411 ($1,348)$359,000Feb 06, 193.812
14B Tides, South Tower1/1874 ft2 (266 m2)$417 ($1,368)$364,500Oct 23, 154.430
10J Tides, North Tower1/1874 ft2 (266 m2)$429 ($1,408)$375,000Mar 21, 193.632
2O Tides, South Tower2/21173 ft2 (358 m2)$320 ($1,049)$375,000Jun 26, 196.116
11Y Tides, North Tower1/1874 ft2 (266 m2)$434 ($1,423)$379,000Mar 23, 193.438
C-11C Tides, South Tower1/1874 ft2 (266 m2)$441 ($1,445)$385,000Sep 22, 164.213
5H Tides, South Tower1/1874 ft2 (266 m2)$441 ($1,445)$385,000Jul 25, 19-19
14Y Tides, South Tower1/1874 ft2 (266 m2)$457 ($1,498)$399,000Nov 12, 183.630
C10D Tides, South Tower1/1874 ft2 (266 m2)$466 ($1,527)$406,900Apr 21, 193.328
9M Tides, North Tower1/1874 ft2 (266 m2)$476 ($1,562)$416,000May 08, 193.226
4M Tides, North Tower1/1874 ft2 (266 m2)$480 ($1,576)$419,900Feb 16, 193.422
14M Tides, North Tower1/1874 ft2 (266 m2)$480 ($1,576)$419,900May 08, 193.120
PH16V Tides, North Tower2/21176 ft2 (358 m2)$361 ($1,184)$424,500Aug 22, 165.634
N12M Tides, North Tower1/1874 ft2 (266 m2)$486 ($1,595)$424,800Mar 16, 193.115
9C Tides, South Tower1/1874 ft2 (266 m2)$486 ($1,595)$424,900Mar 08, 183.14
PH16D Tides, South Tower1/1874 ft2 (266 m2)$491 ($1,610)$429,000May 07, 19-23
7V Tides, South Tower2/21176 ft2 (358 m2)$366 ($1,200)$430,000Mar 19, 19-26
6P Tides, South Tower2/21176 ft2 (358 m2)$373 ($1,225)$439,000Jun 06, 19521
14Z Tides, North Tower1/1874 ft2 (266 m2)$503 ($1,651)$439,900Mar 08, 182.724
PH16W Tides, North Tower2/21173 ft2 (358 m2)$384 ($1,259)$450,000Feb 21, 194.625
5P Tides, South Tower2/21176 ft2 (358 m2)$417 ($1,367)$490,000Apr 01, 155.212
2F Tides, South Tower2/21173 ft2 (358 m2)$502 ($1,647)$589,000Mar 20, 183.816
11G Tides, North Tower2/11236 ft2 (377 m2)$498 ($1,632)$615,000Mar 25, 193.446
N11F Tides, North Tower2/21173 ft2 (358 m2)$588 ($1,929)$689,500Mar 16, 192.919

The Tides condo residences in Hollywood Beach

The Tides is a waterfront development comprised of two mid-rise buildings. Initially built in 1969, it was transformed into residential units in 2005 by MCZ Development. Since then, the Tides boast multiple resort-style amenities, the beautiful design of the indoor space, and a beautiful sandy beach located just in front.

A set of two 16-story buildings accommodates 722 condos in total, offering one- and two-bedroom configurations ranging in size from 789 to 1,355 sq.ft. Most of the condos boast modern appliances, marble floors, luxurious wooden furniture, and spacious balconies revealing beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterways.

Regarding the nearby features, residents can easily reach famous Miami destinations such as Fort Lauderdale – Hollywood Airport, Downtown Hollywood Young’s Circle, and world-famous Aventura shopping mall.

The Tides amenities and building features

  • The Tides encourages to enjoy three heated swimming pools with beautiful waterfront views
  • Beach club
  • Business center
  • Barbeque area
  • Fully-equipped fitness center
  • Onsite catering
  • Screening room
  • Jacuzzi
  • Full-time security, concierge and valet parking services

The Tides Hollywood Beach Reviews

condo 4
5 reviews
1 5
5 1 5
Gorgeous, amazing views! A very big swimming pool, proximity to the beach!
5 1 5
Excellent building, central location, reasonable prices! Investors are welcome.
4 1 5
The buildings administration imposes additional fees for everything including parking, keys to access common areas, even for a piece of paper to print your boarding pass on. Very nice common areas and pool, good maintenance, but the pool close after the sunset!
1 1 5
Worst condo in Hollywood. Most of the tenants are Airbnb guests, badly managed and maintained! Elevators always were broken, very rude staff and management you can never find. Absence of knowledge and respect. Terrible place.
5 1 5
Right on the beach. Nice pool area. Helpful and friendly staff. Convenient parking.
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