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Miami Neighborhoods

Miami real estate neighborhoods

NameSale price rangeRent price rangeComndominiums
& Communities
Aventura logo


816 listings for sale
322 listings for rent
$8.4m$15,90092 & 4
Bal Harbour logo

Bal Harbour

220 listings for sale
109 listings for rent
$20m$82,50017 & 0
Bay Harbor Islands logo

Bay Harbor Islands

54 listings for sale
21 listings for rent
$14m$15,3007 & 1
Brickell logo


947 listings for sale
420 listings for rent
$6m$16,00057 & 2
Brickell Key logo

Brickell Key

205 listings for sale
68 listings for rent
$7.8m$15,40011 & 0
Coconut Grove logo

Coconut Grove

149 listings for sale
49 listings for rent
$20m$80,00014 & 4
Coral Gables logo

Coral Gables

124 listings for sale
31 listings for rent
$55m$35,0008 & 8
Downtown Miami logo

Downtown Miami

570 listings for sale
335 listings for rent
$25m$30,00025 & 0
Edgewater logo


800 listings for sale
423 listings for rent
$7.5m$30,00029 & 0
Fisher Island logo

Fisher Island

58 listings for sale
11 listings for rent
$29.5m$25,0008 & 1
Fort Lauderdale logo

Fort Lauderdale

227 listings for sale
65 listings for rent
$35m$50,00044 & 33
Golden Beach logo

Golden Beach

17 listings for sale
3 listings for rent
$14m$50,0000 & 1
Hallandale Beach logo

Hallandale Beach

513 listings for sale
406 listings for rent
$9.9m$31,50043 & 4
Hollywood logo


180 listings for sale
56 listings for rent
$5.4m$30,4000 & 12
Hollywood Beach logo

Hollywood Beach

526 listings for sale
373 listings for rent
$7m$19,50032 & 0
Indian Creek logo

Indian Creek

--0 & 1
Key Biscayne logo

Key Biscayne

274 listings for sale
134 listings for rent
$18.2m$45,00025 & 5
Las Olas logo

Las Olas

34 listings for sale
16 listings for rent
$3m$7,50017 & 0
Miami logo


557 listings for sale
135 listings for rent
$20m$55,00011 & 46
Miami Beach logo

Miami Beach

1229 listings for sale
517 listings for rent
$40m$150,00069 & 19
Miami Lakes logo

Miami Lakes

70 listings for sale
10 listings for rent
$1.7m$4,9000 & 1
Miami Shores logo

Miami Shores

97 listings for sale
21 listings for rent
$2.3m$14,9990 & 5
North Bay Village logo

North Bay Village

23 listings for sale
3 listings for rent
$4m$6,5001 & 3
North Miami Beach logo

North Miami Beach

514 listings for sale
130 listings for rent
$20m$35,0004 & 3
South Beach logo

South Beach

698 listings for sale
575 listings for rent
$39.9m$150,00042 & 3
South Miami logo

South Miami

279 listings for sale
79 listings for rent
$49.9m$30,0001 & 3
Sunny Isles Beach logo

Sunny Isles Beach

1320 listings for sale
789 listings for rent
$38m$69,00077 & 3
Surfside logo


150 listings for sale
66 listings for rent
$14.5m$55,00019 & 3
Weston logo


253 listings for sale
67 listings for rent
$6m$18,5000 & 3
Williams Island logo

Williams Island

144 listings for sale
32 listings for rent
$6.3m$18,0009 & 1
Wynwood logo


9 listings for sale
4 listings for rent
$4m$2,5000 & 1

About Miami neighborhoods

Stretching along the magnificent South Florida shoreline, bathed in year-round immaculate sunshine and crisp ocean breezes, Miami is far from being just another lush resort city. From the vibrant creative lifestyle of Las Olas, the extensive active leisure spaces of Wynwood, the exuberant nightlife of South Beach to the buzz of Downtown Miami, the quiet serenity of Surfside, and the opulent exclusivity and privacy of Fisher Island and Key Biscayne, Miami stands out as one of the world’s top oceanfront residential destinations. Its endless diversity and one-of-a-kind dynamic atmosphere cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Miami’s surroundings boast an exciting history that dates back to the early European settlements on Key Biscayne and Fort Lauderdale’s Prohibition-era escapades, world-renowned sporting events, such as the Miami Open, professional football and baseball games and much more. Unique natural areas, like Everglades National Park, peaceful and laid-back beach towns of North Bay Village and Hollywood Beach are perfect for event-filled weekends all year round. There are also limitless opportunities for golf, yachting, tennis, surfing and more, together with top-of-the-line shopping and dining only a short and scenic drive away from any residence.

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