How to Stage a House in the Best Possible Way to Attract Buyers

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Staging a house can significantly accelerate the process of selling, as it really encourages buyers to feel at home while visiting your house. It helps to get the comparative advantage in competitive markets as buyers have already gotten used to seeing staged properties either on home decorating shows, on online listings, or in person.

Staging a home refers to the process of keeping the house in order while it is on sale. Decorations and furniture rental, as well as its arrangement, can make a difference. If you experience difficulties in selling your property, consider staging your house and read our helpful tips below.

Understand the purpose

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR) research, 49% of buyers’ agents consider staging to be the most important measure in making a good impression on buyers, while 77% of buyers’ agents believe that staging significantly encourages buyers’ imagination, allowing them to visualize the property as theirs. Therefore, this is the first argument for staging as an activity worth your time and effort.

In addition, staging also affects the final price in favor of the seller. In accordance with the same report, 29% of sellers’ agents recorded a one-to-five percent higher price of a staged house in comparison to one that is not staged. Thirty-nine percent of respondents also reported shorter sale periods for their properties.

These statistics prove certain benefits of staging a house, so it is up to you to decide. Our team, in turn, will help you understand how much to invest and how it will affect the sale.

Clean up the house and remove clutter

Staging starts with the most basic task, cleaning the house and getting rid of clutter. First, remove all trinkets and personal belongings from all surfaces and store them in a warehouse. Tidy up your closets, visitors will definitely look inside of them to check the capacity. If potential buyers find them cluttered, they might think that the house lacks closet space.

After you get rid of all unnecessary stuff, start a deep cleaning. Air out each room with a natural breeze rather than air fresheners and scented candles, as they can cause allergic reactions. Make your kitchen and bathroom shine from cleanliness, and do not forget to close the toilet lid before the open house.

No one is attracted to pet odor; therefore, try to clean everything your pets have touched. If you do not want to clean by yourself, consider hiring a professional cleaning service.

Let light into your property

Brighten up your house; potential buyers will appreciate an abundance of natural light and high-end fixtures. Experiment with different types of lighting, and encourage an inviting atmosphere with lamps and wall sconces.

Stage important rooms first

In case you lack the finances or the time to stage the whole house, you can partially stage your house by targeting the most crucial zones.

According to the NAR report, the living room is considered the most important place for staging by 55% of agents. Next comes the master bedroom and kitchen. The remaining parts of the house are the last priority.

Remove and/or rent furniture

You should consider removing half of your furniture, as your house will look more spacious and attractive from the buyers’ point of view. Try to see the house from the buyers’ perspective and get rid of unnecessary stuff that obstructs the picture. If your furniture does not look presentable, you should remove it and rent new furniture. Another thing you should consider is pop-up furniture made of corrugated plastic or cardboard, which looks nice enough to achieve the same goals for sellers as the real deal.

Rearrange the furniture

Another thing we recommend is moving couches, chairs, and tables away from your walls. This design technique is called floating furniture. Try to make a cozy and intimate atmosphere by anchoring the space with an area rug, even if the room has wall-to-wall carpeting.

Make up the exterior

If you think that this is an unnecessary step, consider that most buyers judge the house on its exterior first. Therefore, impress them by following a few of our tips:

  • Power-wash your house and walkways;
  • Clean your windows;
  • Make sure your house number is easy to read;
  • Mow the lawn;
  • Trim overgrown greenery;
  • Plant flowers;
  • Put a welcome mat and potted plants on your front stoop;
  • If you have a porch, include outdoor furniture.

Add extra touches

Even if your house looks perfect, there is always room for improvement. You can add some finishing touches, such as fresh flowers in vases, a bowl of fresh fruit on the kitchen counter, and folded towels in the bathroom.

As we have already gone through all the steps together, staging no longer seems to be a challenge. Nevertheless, if you need extra assistance you can always rely on our support. Choosing our team means working with experienced professionals and getting a personal approach for your case.

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